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Hi Everyone,

Its been a pretty busy month since I last updated the website. At the end of October - "Halloween night" - I went to Worcester to sign copies of the newly released Episode III DVD at the Videodrome Store. The store is owned by Tim Evans, and is in the centre of town in a listed building. The atmosphere was perfect for Halloween, windy and cold but everyone braved the elements to come and visit. If you are ever in the area do pop in and see Tim and the team.

The following weekend Maureen and I took a brief flight to Glasgow in Scotland for the Memorabila show at the SECC. The convention centre reminds me of the Sydney Opera House in Australia.

The event was really good and it is always a pleasure to be in Scotland. These days I tend to spend time watching children's TV with my grandson Ned, so was amused to be sitting next to one of Ned's favourite characters from the CBeebies - Danny John Jules, probably better known to most of you for his part in 'Red Dwarf'

It was also good to meet up with an old friend from drama school Fraser Hines and a co-star from Dr. Who, Nicola Bryant.

True to form I found another piece of Boba to collect.

The next event took place at the National Space Centre in Leicester - it is quite an impressive building, when you can find it! and was absolutely perfect for a sci-fi show.

This show was organised by the 501st UK Garrison, and as usual they raised a lot of money for charity. It always amazes me how much time these guys and girls devote to deserving causes. On the Saturday night they held a party for everyone at the hotel which was great fun - a rather late night.

After returning from Leicester I just had time to celebrate a dear friends birthday at a rather splendid Chinese restaurant before zooming off to Antwerp early the next morning.

I was in Antwerp at a special event for the release of "Revenge of the Sith" DVD's. I first went along to the Gunk Store which I had visited earlier this year with Darth Vader.

After the signing we went to the Campo Event. In the evening there was a party and everyone grabbed a lightsaber for the World Record Lightsaber Dueling.. Judging by the empty boxes there must now be a shortage of lightsabers in Belgium.

It was wonderful to see so many children dressed up and taking part in the lightsaber duels. At the end of the night I was presented with my own copy of "Revenge of the Sith".

Having not travelled to the US since August the Megafest show in Framingham, Boston was something I was looking forward to. It was nice to meet up Temeura Morrison and Chewy again (congratulations to him for becoming a US citizen). The two day event was well attended, and I met many new fans since my last visit two years ago. There were many Boba's and Jango's around at the weekend - courtesy of the 501st

Unfortunately we were unable to attend the party held by the 501st as it clashed with a talk Temeura and I were giving. One funny shot caught the eye of Kevin who took this photo outside the Chinese restaurant.

It was nice to meet up with popular guest Kevin Sorbo who everyone remembers as 'Hercules'.

For those of you wishing to purchase a copy of "Flying Solo" I am giving away a free colour 10 x 8 autographed photo of Boba Fett with each copy ordered. I hope to give one more update before the end of the year, so speak to you all soon and take care.



New Appearance Date:

3rd/4th December
The Dutch Star Con has been cancelled until next year.

18th Dec 2005
Cardiff Christmas Event
Marriott Hotel
Mill Lane
11.00am - 4.00pm


New Appearance Date:

5th/6th November 2005

Hello everyone,

Again I have to start this update with sad news - fellow actor and friend John Hollis passed away after a long illness. He will be remembered as a most generous and amusing man, and will be missed by friends and Star Wars fans alike.

Since my last update the garden project is almost complete, just a few walls to be finished,

In early October we went to Italy to see the family having not had time to visit since March. Our visit coincided with our grandaughter Lara's 5th birthday. The day after our arrival we were given spades, forks and a rotivator to help plant yet another terrace of olive trees. The weather was good for October, and we managed plenty of healthy walks.

We visited several local restaurants, and felt our waistlines expanding daily.

My son Jamie has acquired a cockerel and some chickens who provide their daily eggs, but also have a tendency to wander into the house at every opportunity. One day when I was alone in the house with just Lara for company I heard a commotion and there were four hens leaping around the kitchen - glasses and cups went flying as did one chicken who flew onto the cooker - luckily it was switched off, and the hen lives to lay another egg. Much to my surprise Lara calmed the situation down, and gently lifted them all outside. I then climbed down from the sofa!

A couple of days after arriving in Italy I received a call from my agent to let me know I would be filming the day after we returned home. This meant learning the whole script whilst trying to read fairy tales to three little girls - its not easy.

I did however get time to visit a very interesting Archaeological Park nearby in Baratti which house tombs of the Etruscans dating back to the 7th to 6th century BC.

For several days I withdrew my services as a babysitter, and buried my head in the script only surfacing in the evening to cook pizzas.

Finally it was time to leave, and our last evening did not disappoint with yet another beautiful sunset.

We arrived back later than anticipated due to flight delays, and it was 2:30 am before we got home only to find yet another speeding ticket - this time I was only doing 28m.p.h.(admittedly over Tower Bridge - but it was 4.30 in the morning on our way to the airport to fly to Italy) The way things are going I will definitely need Slave 1 pretty soon.

After a couple of hours sleep I had to travel to Birmingham where I was due to start filming at 7.00am the following morning. I was appearing in a medical drama for BBC TV called 'Doctors'. It was great to play alongside Colin Baker (Dr Who fans will know exactly who I mean). In Star Wars as Boba Fett I was a deadly shot with my Blastech E33 rifle, and in this episode I proved to be a dab hand as a swordsman!

The weeks filming went very well, and will probably be broadcast March 2006 on BBC1.

A few more shows coming up, so will update very soon.

Thanks for all your kind comments and emails over the last few months.

- Jeremy


New Appearance Date:

Monday 31st October 2005
The Videodrome
47 Broad St
Worcester, WR1 3LR
Midday until 8pm
Contact: Tim Evans Tel: 01905 745301 Fax: 01905 731099
Mobile: 0781 0801844

12th - 13th November 2005
National Space Centre,

19th - 20th November
Boston Super Megafest
Sheraton Framingham Hotel
1657 Worcester Road
MA 01701
Tel: (508) 879 7200

3rd - 4th December 2005
The Dutch Star Con
De Druiventros
The Netherlands


Hello everyone

I start this latest story with the sad news of a great friend in the Star Wars universe who passed away recently. Michael Sheard who played Admiral Ozzel was enormous fun to be with on the convention circuit and will be missed by both friends and fans alike. Maureen and I along with Mike Edmonds attended his funeral last week on the Isle of Wight.

God Bless you Michael, you will always be with us.

After our trip to Sacramento we had our first weekend at home for months. As the weather was so glorious we decided to take a trip and become tourists in our own city. We started off by visiting the Tate Modern which is a converted power station by the side of the river Thames. The building was converted by Swiss architects Herzog and de Muron. There was an exhibition of their many projects inside. including a model for some buildings for the next Olympics in Beiing.

Our next visit was to the London Eye (a very large ferris wheel).

The whole revolution takes around 35 minutes, and it is incredible how much you can see of London.

For all of you fans who ask me if London is always shrouded in fog? - the above photos prove that the sun does shine in London (sometimes..)

The following weekend was another trip to central London (and the sun is still shining). There was a big festival in Regent Street which attracted around 20,000 people. Many streets were closed off, and funfairs and entertainments were provided. Warwick Davis and myself were invited to Hamleys Toy Store which is one of the most famous in England. We were allowed into the store before it opened which for Warwick's children was like Christmas morning.

I am home now for a while but not resting - much work has to be done in my garden, but I have a wonderful feathered friend to help.

I plan to spend around a month at home now, so the next update will be in October.

Very best wishes to you all


Hi Everyone,

Hope you have all had a good summer, it has whizzed past for us in a blur with all the wonderful trips.

After returning from Japan, we had a very easy journey to Birmingham, UK to attend the Memorabilia show. It had taken on a new format this year, and all the guests were organised by Steve Goss from "Infinitely Better".

Whilst in Japan I was contacted by Troy Carlson to attend the Californian State Fair in Sacramento. Troy owns the Stage Nine Entertainment Stores, and had been asked to put on a Star Wars exhibition at the fair. It was pretty short notice, but we managed to get flights and off we went. We arrived a day early so had time to explore. One of Troy's stores was in Old Sacramento where the Gold Rush began, and the Pony Express started its epic journey. On April 4th 1860 Sam Hamilton began the 1st lap of the 1,966 mile trip to St. Joseph, Missouri. During its 18 month existence its 121 riders and 500 ponies delivered an amazing 35,000 pieces of mail with the loss of only 1 pouch. If only our mail today was as efficient!

Old Sacramento is by the river, and most of its buildings are as they were in the 1800's.

Walking around Old Sacramento gave an insight in to what it might have been like in the Gold Rush days.

We also visited the California State Railroad Museum which was fantastic. I love the old trains and there were plenty to look at.

Walking back to the hotel we passed the magnificent State Capital Building.

On Thursday we were invited to dinner with Troy and his wife Shannon. We went to their house where we were greeted by their playful dog, and two even more playful children. Also invited were Troy's parents Carl & Connie (Carl mixes a wicked martini!) and old school friend Jim. It was a very relaxing evening and the barbecued steak was delicious.

Friday was a media day where I was up at the crack of dawn for television and radio interviews - Boba even made the front page of the Metro section of the Sacramento Bee.

On Friday evening around 6.00 pm we went to the fair to meet all the fans.

Both Saturday and Sunday were extremely busy, and part of the exhibition included a small theatre where fans could watch clips from all six Star Wars movies.

Saturday evening Maureen and I were invited by Mark and Darren to join them for dinner along with members of the 501st. I was delighted to be presented with a badge commemorating my honorary membership of the Central California Garrison.

As the Star Wars area was so busy it was difficult to get time to look around the fair, but we did manage a little break during Sunday.

We would have liked to have had another day just to look at everything at the fair as there was so much to see. Alas it was time to head home on Monday, but at least we had a lovely drive to San Francisco.

As it was such a long flight back home we decided to travel in luxury.

On item I could not resist getting on this trip was the Boba Fett football shirt which I have had my eye on for some time.

All the best to everyone, and thanks for all support in carrying on the Star Wars saga.

Speak to you soon,


New Appearance Date:

4th September 2005
Hamleys Toy Store
Regent Street
London W1
12.00pm - 6.00pm


Hi Everyone,

Here is the latest news on my travels:

The weekend before traveling to Japan I appeared at two more Athena shops, one in Southampton on Saturday, and on Sunday very close to home in Sutton. The 501st were on duty and were raising money for charity at the shopping malls. One fan brought in a wonderful painting he had done, but this time it went home with him!

On Tuesday 18th July we set off to Japan. The flight to Osaka was over 11 hours, and we arrived early the following morning. We seemed to be flying in continual daylight, but a photo we took from the plane window looked like sunrise, or was it sunset? One gets very disorientated traveling across time zones.

We arrived in Osaka to very hot weather, and were driven to the wonderful New Otani Hotel where we managed to catch up on some sleep. In the evening we went to a Tempura restaurant and sampled some tasty Japanese food. Kenny Baker and Val arrived late that evening having missed their connection in the States.

Our host Mike Fuji has a chain of toyshops in Japan, and the first one we visited was Mike Store in Osaka - the shop is in a very bustling part of the city, and by the time we arrived there was already a line of fans waiting inside and outside the shop.

After a very long afternoon it was time to head out to to the bright lights of Osaka to dine again at a wonderful crab restaurant that Maureen and I had visited before.

The following morning we were driven to another of Mike's shops, this time in Kobe (famous for its beef) The traffic in Osaka is pretty much like any other big city, the only difference being that there are roads built above roads, and one would have to be pretty clued up to where you were going.

Mike's shop in Kobe was tiny, so it was a bit of a squeeze getting Kenny and myself plus all our photos in the shop. The fans were very patient, as they were let in one by one, and the afternoon was very enjoyable. We left straight after the show to catch a train to Kanazawa. We were met at the station by Mori One store owner Tadahiko Hashiba and Yamamoto who was organising the event. We were taken to our hotel for an overnight stay. It was an hours drive to the first venue in Toyama, and we were struck by how green the fields were - they were growing rice, also parts of the countryside resembled Switzerland with pine forests either side of the road. It was then another hours drive in the afternoon to a much bigger store in Ishikawa. We were taken into the President's (Koichi Hashiba) office to relax before the show, and were amazed to see an instantly recognizable Van Gogh painting hanging on the wall - is this genuine?

The show was a big success, and Kenny and I had fun talking about our experiences in Star Wars. It was then time for a train journey back to Osaka. The next day it was a visit to Mike's shop at the Universal City Walk in Osaka. His shop is beautifully laid out, and now houses his museum. He has many original pieces and prototype Star Wars figures. It was a very busy day, and we only just finished in time to catch the Shinkansen Bullet train to Tokyo.

We had heard that there had been two earthquakes in Tokyo over the weekend, but everything seemed pretty normal by the time we arrived. The bullet train is amazing and it took just over two hours to travel 500 km's. Our hotel - the Cerulean Tower Toyku was another first class hotel, and the view from our room on the 36th floor was pretty spectacular.

Mike's shop in Tokyo was another very tiny one and only 3 or 4 people could get in at a time which meant many fans had to line up outside in the street. Kenny and I signed solidly from 1.00pm until 7.00pm, and just as we finished the rain started to fall. We had been warned that a typhoon was on its way to Tokyo, and that the signing the following day would probably have to be cancelled. That evening we were taken to a nearby Italian restaurant.

The next morning we heard the weather forecast was not too good so we had to head straight back to Osaka. We were sad to leave as we knew that many fans would be disappointed we would not be there. So it was back on the bullet train to Osaka and the New Otani Hotel. That evening we had a special treat of going to the hotel restaurant and having a gourmet meal of lobster and kobe beef prepared in front of us.

As we had a free day we went to Mike's office which also resembles a museum, and had time to look around Osaka, ending up at the fabulous Osaka Palace which we could see in the distance from our hotel.

On our last day, it was time to collect everything together including all the gifts we had been given, and prepare for the last night party which was to be held at Mike's office. Yoshiko had prepared a feast, and there was also a sushi chef on hand.

Mike has collected many pieces of original artwork, and one of his favourites is a Boba Fett painting by the Greek/American artist Kostas Seremetis.

Despite earthquakes and a typhoon we all had an amazing time, and were made to feel very welcome. I seem to have mentioned many meals in my story - but the food is so fantastic in Japan. A big thanks to Mike Fuji and Yoshiko and all their staff for their hospitality and also to Angelika and Masa for their hard work and translation skills - my Japanese is limited to arrigato and Konnichi wa. A Very memorable trip and we look forward to visiting Japan again.

All for now, and take care everyone and enjoy the summer.

UPDATE: JULY 11, 2005

I have been nominated by 'Collectors Mart' here in the UK for the best signee award. Fans can vote on the following link: http://www.modelmart.co.uk/home/awardsform.htm

Hello again everyone,

After Mexico's busy convention and the long trip home to London we had a few days rest and then it was off to attend the 'studio-polis' convention in Metz, France. The line-up of Star Wars actors was impressive and included Julian Glover, Tim Rose, Anthony Daniels, Michael Culver, Nalini Krishan and Orli Shoshan. Also attending were Lawrence Makoare from the 'Lord of the Rings' trilogy and Neil and Adrian Rayment the Matrix twins.

The event was held at the Kinepolis cinema complex that is the same group as the one in Ghent. Similarly we were given our own star to be placed in the walk of fame. One of the costumes that caught my eye was a miniature Darth Vader still scary even at his height. Another family we have seen many times on our visits to France showed up in force.

As always when one is in France the restaurants are superb, and our hosts excelled in their selection. The show went very well, and the city of Metz was a delight to visit. Our hotel was situated right in the centre, and we could walk to all the sights. The Saint-Etienne cathedral stands out for its beauty. It was started in the 13th century and lasted until 1522. It boasts many beautiful stained glass windows including one by Marc Chagall depicting biblical scenes from Adam and Eve to the fall of Jerusalem.

On our day of departure we were not leaving until lunchtime so had time to explore a little more. Metz is on the Moselle river which is spanned by many bridges.

One amusing incident. We had a three hour drive to the airport which was across the border in Germany. Our airport was Frankfurt Hahn, but due to a change of driver we all ended up at the main Frankfurt airport which is about 60 miles away. Needless to say by the time we got the right airport our flight had just left. Luckily there was another flight later that evening, so we all piled into the restaurant and relaxed with a meal and bottle of wine. Everyone was very good humoured and it was soon time to board our later flight. A less amusing incident happened at the end of this eventful day. On our drive home from the airport around midnight I was caught by one of our infamous speed cameras, and now face a fine! Even Boba can't talk his way out of this one.

Our next trip was to Tulsa, Oklahoma. It had been four years since my last visit, and I was looking forward to seeing everyone again. The venue had changed and was held at the John Q. Hammons arena, which must be the most incredibly equipped sports hall for a high school.

On our arrival I was a concerned at the amount of police cars parked outside, did they know about my speeding misdemeanour in England? It turned out that they were all friends of the promoters and gave their time for free.

Peter Mayhew and I were the only two Star Wars actors, and the rest were mainly from Star Trek. I sat next to an amazing lady called Grace Lee Whitney who played Yeoman Rand in the original Star Trek series. She had some fascinating tales to tell of Hollywood and she gave me her book 'The Longest Trek'.

One of the fans, Jamie, invited Maureen and I to the restaurant Charlestons where he worked. The manager Joseph was also a big Star Wars fan. It was a thoroughly enjoyable evening, and the food was delicious.

On the final evening Peter and I were invited by the Tulsa Fan Force for dinner. Many thanks goes to all the group especially Shelbi who arranged the evening.

Thanks to John Harper, Jonathan Harris and Joe Bob for all their hard work in arranging this show.

Back home again and the following weekend 2nd/3rd July I attended two shop signings in Brighton and Stoke-on-Trent at the Athena Stores. It was good to be on home territory.

Due to the atrocities that happened here in London on the 7th July I decided to cancel my trip to New Jersey and be at home with my family. Everyone was very understanding and I hope to go back again soon.

Speak to you all very soon.


UPDATE: JULY 7, 2005

New appearance dates:

July 21st - July 26th 2005 - Japan Tour
July 21st - Mike Store - Osaka
July 22nd - Mike Toys - Kobe
July 23rd - Morione - Toyama
Morione - Ishikawa
July 24th - Nostalgia Museum - Osaka
July 25th - Astro Mike - Tokyo
July 26th - Shibuya Mike - Tokyo

13th - 14th August 2005
Hall 12

Hi Everyone,

The month of June has been really hectic with a show every weekend, and July is turning out to be the same. I have one more trip to the US this weekend to New Jersey, and then will probably not be back again until 2006. This prompts me to mention to my American friends not to send letters to me in the UK with American stamps on them as they cannot be used here. In the past when I have been travelling frequently to the USA this has not been a problem as I can post them from there. The best way to send postage is by International Reply Coupon available from the Post Office (two are needed to send a normal letter to a US address). Also I would advise fans not to send 10 x 8 photos through the mail as many are arriving completely crumpled.

Now on with the story......

On returning from Chicago on the 31st May I had a few hours rest then was whisked off to appear on a TV Shopping Channel that evening. Two days at home and then it was time to head West again this time to Philadelphia for the Wizard Show. I love Philadelphia as everything is within walking distance from the Convention Centre, and there are many fabulous restaurants. The show was excellent and I appeared with fellow Star Wars actors and friends Peter Mayhew, Kenny Baker and Jerome Blake.
On my way back from a lunch break I spotted an interesting interpretation of Boba Fett made entirely from motorcycle parts. Of course you can guess where it is now?

Many of the fans turned up in costume and this father and son act topped the bill.

We all had a lot of fun over the weekend, and one of the highlights was being taken out to dinner by the 501st Legion.

On Monday 6th June we flew to Cancun, Mexico, and were met by the some fans from the Cancun Fanclub. Jose Luis (one of the organisers) and Hugo then drove us on the four hour drive to Merida for the Revelations Convention. As Ray Park, Dave Prowse and myself came in early this gave us plenty of time to appear on TV and give radio and newspaper interviews.

Asis, another of the organisers, wanted to show us his office which turned out to be more like a museum.

We had plenty of time for sightseeing, and were taken to the Museum of Anthropology were we were given a fascinating tour of Mayan history by a gentleman who spoke perfect English. Merida is a lovely colonial city, much quieter than the hustle and bustle of Mexico City, and some of the architecture was outstanding.

One evening we were driven to Uxmal which is recognised as a World Heritage Site. Uxmal is one of most important archaeological sites in Mexico. We arrived just as the sun was setting, and the site looked magical. We stayed on and watched the sound and light show in the Nunnery Quadrangle, which was made even more dramatic by the electrical storm in the background.

On our way back to the hotel Jose Luis and Jorge (our liaison from L.A.) invited us to the Hacienda San Ildefonso Teya for dinner. This hacienda was built in 1683; sometime later it was abandoned and left in ruins until 1974 when it was restored to its former glory. It is now an hotel and gourmet restaurant. It boasts the Clinton Family and Queen Sofia of Spain as guests who have stayed there. The meal was superb, and a great way to finish a lovely day. The following day we did some more sightseeing and even managed a trip to the beach at Progresso. This time our host was Edwin.

On Friday evening we went to a concert of John Williams Star Wars music played by the Syphony Orchestra of Yucatan. It was taking place at the Teatro Jose Peon Contreras which is another beautiful building both inside and out. Like the Paris show in May the conductor Juan Felipe Molano Munoz was young and enthusiastic, and the concert was a huge hit with all the fans.

We had done so much in the three days we were in Merida and the convention hadn't even started! The show was great fun, and with Daniel Logan's arrival on Friday evening we now had two Boba's and two Darth's.

As with all conventions the time goes by too quickly, but with Merida we had a special evening awaiting us. On the Sunday night we were taken to a typical Mexican restaurant where the Mariaches were performing both music and dancing. After sampling a small tequila Maureen and I soon got into the swing of things.

Thanks to everyone involved with Revelations 2005 for all their hard work, hospitality, and the wonderful gifts that we were given. Muchas Gracias.

- Jeremy

UPDATE: JULY 2, 2005

New appearance dates:

2nd July 2005
78 Churchill Square
Shopping Centre
Lower Mall
E. Sussex BN1 2TS
Tel: 01273 726347
10.30am - 4.30pm

3rd July 2005
Hanley Athena
Lewis' Arcade
The Potteries Shopping Centre
Staffordshire ST1 1PS
Tel: 01782 205823
!0.30am - 4.30pm

16th July 2005
Southampton Athena
Lower Level
West Quay Shopping Centre
45 Above Bar
Southampton SO15 1QE
Tel: 02380 335842
10.30am - 4.30.pm

17th July 2005
Sutton Athena
Unit 2
23 St. Nicholas Centre
Sutton SM1 1AX
Tel: 0208 770 9610
10.30am - 4.30pm

UPDATE: JUNE 22, 2005

Hi Everyone,

After the premiere in London I had to reply to countless emails from friends and fans alike congratulating me on my major role in 'Revenge of the Sith'! The following weekend we were off to Belgium for Star Force 2005 - this time by car which made a welcome change from airports. We drove to Antwerp to visit the Gunk Store which specialises in video games where Dave Prowse and myself met many fans. It was then off to Ghent where we attended a charity dinner at the TIVA restaurant.

The dinner was to raise money for a charity called Cliniclowns who work with children in hospitals.

The event on Sunday was held at the Kinepolis cinema where Dave and I were joined by fellow Star Wars actors Mike Kingma (Tarfful from Ep 3) and Andy Herd (Jawa/Ewok from the original trilogy). The surprise at the end of the day was being presented with our own star which would be placed in the cinema's 'Walk of Fame'.

On Sunday evening we had a little time to explore the wonderful city of Ghent.

We arrived home on Monday afternoon, and repacked ready for our trip to Chicago the following morning. We had been invited to another cinema complex this time in Woodridge, Illinois. We flew in a couple of days early to do television and radio interviews. On my arrival at the television studios of WGN I was taken by surprise when I was asked to read the morning sports news dressed as Boba Fett complete with helmet - I wasn't sure whether they were joking or not - they weren't!

I needed to visit the Post Office to mail off some fan letters, and was told a car would collect us. I wasn't prepared for what arrived at the hotel - just for a trip to the Post Office.

The stretch limo was to be our transport for the week, and every day they sent an even longer version from the day before.

The event at the weekend was held at the Hollywood Boulevard which is owned by Ted Bulthaup. This movie theatre is unique in that you can wine and dine whilst watching a film. It has its own bar and restaurant serving pretty yummy food. Each theatre was themed, and had swivel chairs and tables from which to eat. Ted has collected many props to furnish the theatres. Even the bathrooms were called Norman's and Mothers from the great film 'Psycho'

It is difficult to describe the whole theatre complex, but if any of you live in the Chicago area this is one place not to be missed.

Over the weekend many fans came to see the new film and get autographs and photos. A fan who I had met some time ago, made me a resin Boba Fett bust - another piece for the museum.

On our last night the biggest stretch limo in the world came to collect us from the Hollywood Boulevard.

Many thanks to Ted and his PR girl Angelique for making this a memorable weekend.

Next update soon.

- Jeremy

UPDATE: JUNE 14, 2005

New appearance dates:

June 24th-26th

Trek Expo 2005
The Umac - John Q. Hammons Arena
6836 South Mingo
Tulsa, OK

July 9th/10th
Super Megashow 2005
Crowne Plaza Hotel
Secaucus, N.J.

UPDATE: MAY 24, 2005

Hello again Everyone,

Some more tales from the Bounty Hunter.

Maureen and I flew to Budapest in Hungary on 6th May and were looking forward to this trip as it was our first visit to this famous capital city. On our arrival we were met by Bence and Attila who were responsible for arranging my trip. The show was on Sunday and as we had arrived on Friday we were going to have plenty of time for sightseeing. On Friday evening we were taken to a restaurant high up on the hill of Buda (Budapest is divided into two towns by the river Danube - Buda and Pest). We sampled delicious Hungarian food and listened to a local group playing typical classical music.

On Saturday morning we taken to the Castle district and explored the Matthias Church and Fishermen's Bastion.

On Saturday afternoon our hosts organised a meeting between myself and one of the famous Hungarian soccer players of the 1950's. I spent an hour chatting with Mr Grosics about football with the help of our interpreter Bence, and even managed a kick about in the local park.

Sunday allowed us some more sightseeing as I was not due at the show until 3:00pm. We visited the City Park, and met up with a familiar character!

I started the event around 3.00pm with an hour long Q & A. It turned out not to be so difficult as I had feared because many Hungarians speak very good English, and my translator was quick. At the autograph session I was surprised how many people turned up, even the organisers were taken aback by the enthusiasm of the fans.

In the evening we were invited to dinner by the Hungarian fan club. We were taken to a theme restaurant called Sir Lancelot. The interior was decorated to resemble a castle and had a huge table reminiscent of King Arthur's days. Two men dressed up as knights gave us a mock sword fight and to everyone's surprise a beautiful belly dancer climbed onto our table and danced for 10 minutes.

Thanks to all the fans in Hungary, Maureen and I had a wonderful time.

The following weekend it was off to Paris for the Star Wars reunion. Before leaving I had a telephone interview with a radio station in Equador.There are many fans in South America and they grow by the day.

On Friday the 13th (sounds like a dark date) we left for Paris. That evening we attended a concert at the Rex Theatre. The 60 piece orchestra was conducted by the extraordinary 22 year old Samuel Sene. Watch out for his name as we will be seeing a lot more of him. All the music that evening was of course John Williams Star Wars themes and Samuel had insisted that all members of the orchestra were Star Wars fans - it certainly showed - absolutely brilliant. Other guests included Rick McCallum, Steve Sansweet, Rob Coleman (ILM) Peter Mayhew and Warwick Davis.

It was great to meet up with Roger Carel who dubbed the voice of C3PO for French audiences.

On Saturday Peter and I did our lengthy stage show, and then it was time to meet all the fans. The whole theatre was busy with talks from the guests, trailers from Episode III and exhibitors.

Patrice Girod did a great job organising the event and Sunday was just as busy as Saturday. In the evening guests departed at the the end of the show to get home to prepare for the big night - 'Revenge of the Sith' premiere in London.

Monday morning - 16th May 2005 - what a day this turned out to be. I was collected by car at 10.00 am to drive to Leicester Square where I was interviewed by both TV and Radio stations. This went on for most of the day culminating in being introduced on stage in the centre of the square. It was home for a quick change before setting off with Maureen to the premiere. The crowds in Leicester Square had grown enormously, and despite the rain everyone was very excited, including myself. There was a huge roar as I stepped onto the red carpet - but then I realised it was for George Lucas who was behind me! He spent a long time chatting to fans and signing their soggy autograph books.

The 501st were out in force and marching with Lord Vader around the square they looked pretty spectacular on the red carpet.

Just before entering the cinema we were all called for a photo shoot.

As we entered the cinema I was honoured to be invited on stage by Rick McCallum to be introduced to the audience along with all the other Star Wars actors and of course George. Like everyone else I thought the film was terrific and it left me wanting more - who knows what might happen. I was quite chuffed to see my brief appearance as Captain Colton. It was a very exciting evening, and was rounded off by a party at the Cocoon Club in Regent Street - Wow what a night.

May the Force be with you all, and speak to you soon when I have recovered

Boba & Captain Colton

UPDATE: MAY 17, 2005

New appearance dates:

May 26th - 29th 2005
Hollywood Boulevard
1001 W. 75th St.
IL 60517
Show times and event information (630) 427 1880

June 11th/12th 2005
Revelations 2005
Hotel Montejo Palace

June 18th/19th 2005
Cinema Kinepolis
10 av. Paul Langevin
57070 St. Julien Les Metz

UPDATE: MAY 8, 2005

Hi Everyone,

After Kansas City we were lucky enough to have a weekend free before starting the next round of shows. Before travelling to Indianapolis we took in a one day show in England called "Galaxy of Stars" which combined Star Wars and other Sci-Fi guests. This was a first ever event in Weston-super-Mare, and was a great success. Jason and Dave who organised the convention did a wonderful job, and the day was rounded off by a fan buffet where everyone could get together. We were all presented with an award at the end of the evening, another lovely item for my collection. At the show a stunning painting of Boba Fett took my eye, and I could not resist buying it.

On our return we had one day to prepare for the big one - C3. The first thing I want to say to all of you who attended Celebration III is that you all deserve a medal for being so patient and good humoured during the four day extravaganza. When Maureen and I flew into Indianapolis on Tuesday before the event, the weather was warm and pleasant, and just perfect for the much anticipated C3.

What happened to the weather on Thursday was just what we didn't need, the temperature dropped 20 degrees, and it started raining. I woke early due to jetlag, and looking out of the hotel window around 6.00 am. I saw a line going around the block. I went downstairs to get coffee, and decided to cross the road and have a chat to the fans.

The show was so busy all four days and nights that there was no time to take many photos, so I apologise for this. On the opening day I did my stage show with Daniel Logan, which was hosted by Jay Laga'aia who played Captain Typho.

We were invited to several parties, but obviously couldn't attend all, but we did make the Master Replicas party and also the 501st - this was made easy as they were both held in the same hotel.

On the final day of the show I was welcomed as an honorary member of the Rebel Legion.

Hope everyone had an amazing time - we certainly did.

We left for England on Monday night and when we arrived in London on Tuesday morning I had to get a flight straight to Madrid where I was attending a show organised by Toys R Us and Hasbro. Sorry no pictures - I left my official photographer Maureen at home.

I arrived home on Wednesday quite exhausted, and got ready for the show Collectormania 7 at the weekend. It was the first time the three Fetts were together in the U.K.

I also bumped into Andre and Derek - don't they look familiar.

One of the guests appearing was James Marsters from Buffy. Apparently fans had been lining up since 3.00 a.m. to get a chance for an autograph. His line was almost as long as mine at C3! When he heard that Boba Fett was also at the show he asked to be escorted to my table for an autograph for his son. When he arrived he said he was so thrilled to meet me, as Boba was his hero, and he had modelled a lot of his performances on Boba. It was a delight to meet him (Don't tell anyone but I got his autograph as well :)

Off to Budapest in Hungary next and will catch up with you all after the opening of "Revenge 0f The Sith"


UPDATE: APRIL 13, 2005

New appearance dates:

April 21st - 24th 2005
Celebration III
Indiana Convention Center

May 8th 2005
Tavasizi SF Feszival
a Millenaris Parkban

13th/14th/15th May 2005
Star Wars Reunion
Grand Rex Theatre
1 Bd Poissonniere
75002 Paris
Tel: 33 (1) 145 08 93 58

21st/22nd May 2005
Star Force 2005

June 3rd/4th/5th 2005
Wizard World
Pennsylvania Convention Center


UPDATE: APRIL 12, 2005

Hi Everyone,

After arriving home from Italy we traveled to Manchester UK where I was appearing at the well known Fab Cafe. The cafe itself reminded me of Jabba's Palace, with very atmospheric lighting. It also had several vintage Star Wars machines. I gave a talk and question and answer session for the fans that had attended. Many thanks to Mike of the Fab Cafe and also Jonathan Thompson who organised my visit. Jonathan is the collector of many of the Star Wars machines. It was well worth a visit.

The following week Tracy (a friend and fan we have met at many conventions) was over from Phoenix, AZ to visit London. We took her and her stepdaughter Emily for a typical Indian meal which they both loved.

I had been asked to partake in a documentary on the making of Star Wars, and was to be provided with a car to drive me to the studios in Elstree. I was amazed the next morning to see a stretch limo parked outside my house - things were looking up. All the neighbours were very inquisitive to see what was going on. It transpired that I was was actually going to be filming inside the limo, and not going anywhere, just driving around the local roads.

The following day it was back to the airport for our trip to Kansas City. I had been asked to the Planet Comicon event several times in the past, but had never been free to go. It was my first visit to Kansas City, and Chris Jackson the promoter had organised live radio interviews for Peter Mayhew and myself. It was an early start, but well worth the effort as so many people heard the interviews and came along to the show. The convention was extremely successful on both days and the fans were as always polite and happy to see us. One of the highlights of the event was meeting Daniel, a wrestler who is actually taller than Chewy - even Peter was amazed. Another jolly sight was the the appearance of the Kansas City Chiefs supporters. Before leaving the venue I was made an honorary member of Heart of the Alliance Fan Force of Kansas City, and given a rather striking T-shirt.

On our last evening we were taken out for a farewell dinner by our host, and all his helpers.

Speak to you all soon, and hope to see many of you at C3.



Hello everyone,

Sorry for the delay in updating the saga of Boba's adventures but I have hardly had time to think as our trips to Minneapolis, Stockholm & Rome virtually ran into one long journey without a break.

On Thursday March 3rd Maureen and I flew to Minneapolis, St Paul for the MarsCon convention. Snowy weather greeted our arrival, much the same as London. It was a trip I was really looking forward as I had never visited this part of America before, and I had heard so much about the largest Mall in America. It didn't disappoint and it took us forever to walk round this gigantic shopping arena. Marscon was a very friendly convention and the organiser of guests, Christine La Bounty (cool name), was the perfect hostess. It was good to meet up with Timothy Zahn again, he is a very good writer especially science fiction. We have crossed paths on many occasions and always make fun of each other. Other guests attending were Richard Herd who is a fan favourite for his performance in the TV series "V" and Herb Jefferson from BattleStar Gallactica.

We arrived back in London and hardly had time to repack and then we were off to Sweden to the city of Gothenburg. After our lengthy trip to Minneapolis I remember mentioning to Maureen how nice it was to do a short trip for a change. Soon I was eating my words as on our arrival at Heathrow airport our flight was delayed for at least one and a half hours. We had a connection in Copenhagen, Denmark which we would miss. We met up with Kenny Baker and Val in Copenhagen and we were put on a later flight. By the time we arrived in Gothenburg the trip had taken us eight and a half hours (same as London to Minneapolis). Not only were we late but our luggage was still in Copenhagen. After a few telephone calls we were assured our luggage would be on the next flight. Like Minneapolis the weather was very cold and snowy, but it did not deter the Swedish fans.

I met for the first time Robert Englund - Freddy from "Nightmare on Elm St". He is almost as frightening as Boba! Making up the guest list was Kenny Baker and Sala Baker - Sauron from "Lord of the Rings" who stepped in at the last minute when Sean Astin had to cancel. Sala had to make the long journey from Los Angeles at short notice. Many thanks to him for doing that it made the weekend complete.

The convention was very enjoyable and the Swedish fans are always very enthusiastic. On our return to London we kept our fingers crossed that the journey home would not take so long.

Another rapid turn around and it was time for our trip to Rome, Italy for DeepCon 6. We left on Wednesday 16th March but the show wasn't due to start until the Saturday. Our hosts wanted to show us some of the sights. From the airport we were taken to an Italian restaurant to have lunch and meet up with some of the organisers, Flora, Gaby, Angelica and Sylvana. After a sumptuous meal (everything stops for food in Italy) we were taken to St Peter's Square.

We walked and walked and walked some more and finally as it was getting dark arrived at the wonderful Piazza Navona.

It was then time to eat again at typical Italian pizza restaurant. Finally around 10.30 pm it was time to take the hours drive to Fiuggi where the Convention was taking place.

On Thursday morning we made a visit to the old town of Fiuggi Alto which was beautiful and we were lucky that it was market day.

In the evening we revisited the town for a wine tasting and canapes at La Cantina di Antonio - and this was before another four course meal at the hotel.

On Friday it was another sight seeing trip this time to the the old town of Genazzano to visit the Sanctuary of our Mother of Good Counsel. Parts of this Basilica date back to before 1356.

It was then back to the hotel for refreshments (another four course lunch) I'm in heaven! and then off for one more trip to the town of Alatri in the afternoon

The convention started in earnest on Saturday, when all the guests had finally arrived. As always there was a presence of the 501st Garrison.

The other guests were Garrett Wang from "Star Trek Voyager", Larry Nemecek, author and his wife Janet a script co-ordinator on Star Trek. Lolita Fatjo who also worked on the Star Trek series as script co-ordinator and production assistant. Author Joe Nassise who wrote horror novel "River Watch" and it was honour to meet Italian astronaut Umberto Guidoni.

After a lunch of pasta, bread and wine I prepared to give my talk to an eager crowd. Flora and Gaby as interpreters were a great help and soon we struck a rhythm so any funny story I told came across well.

On Saturday evening a banquet was organised (I thought every meal was a banquet!) followed by the costume parade.

Sunday was taken up with several interviews with TV companies, a second Q & A and by four p.m. it was time for the closing ceremony. DeepCon 6 has to be the most relaxed convention I have attended - I blame all the food entirely.......

By 6.30 pm, after hunting for the well hidden railway station we were on our way to Rome to head to our son's house. We finally arrived at 11.00 pm that evening. The following morning it was Evie's 3rd birthday, and we were pleased we managed to get there in time. It was down to the square for morning coffee.

Lunch was followed by a very chocolately birthday cake.

There is no rest for the wicked! The following morning we were woken very early to catch the ferry for a day trip to the island of Elba. We visited the house that Napoleon spent in exile.

As it was a beautiful day we went to the beach for a picnic lunch.

Finally on Wednesday it was time to travel home after our week in Italy. Once home I got to try on the T-shirt that the Italian 501st Garrison had given me.

In between all this traveling I had managed to fit in some filming for the Trial of Davros. It was purely for charity and I was pleased to help. Below is some information on where it will be seen. My character was Skellon - Chairman of the Peace Conference.

"THE TRIAL OF DAVROS takes place on July 16th at Tameside Hippodrome in Ashton-under-Lyne to raise funds for the NSPCC and BBC Children In Need. Its also the same weekend of the Sci-Fi event which also includes characters from STAR WARS, Spider-man, Batman and many others. In the production the Timelords put Dalek Creator Davros on trial and illustrate some of the evil things his creatures have done. Actor Terry Molloy reprises his role of Davros from the TV series and other cast include Micheal Jayston and John Leeson.One of these special filmed 'evidence' inserts takes place at a Peace Conference which finds itself under Dalek Attack. For more details visit www.hydefundraisers.com."

Speak to you all soon.

- Jeremy


Hi Everyone - its been a few weeks since my last update. On February 15th it was time for our big excursion to Italy to celebrate my birthday. We flew eleven members of our family to Pisa, it was also our grandson Ned 's 2nd birthday on the 15th. My son Christian and his family flew in from Ireland to meet up for the flight to Italy - we could have hired a lear jet!

On our arrival at Pisa Jamie was there to meet us, and sort out the problem of how to transport so large a party to his house an hours drive away. He managed to pile seven people into his car, and Robbie hired another car to take the rest of the entourage.

A surprise birthday party was laid on for Ned, a table of eight for the children, and a table of eight for the adults. When he was given his cake he appeared bemused, but tucked into the smarties anyway.

The next morning was the 16th, and my Birthday - I opened all my cards, and read the emails fans had sent me from all over the world. We then sat down for breakfast with the special loaf of bread Jamie had baked.

Jamie and Ummi had planned our four days down to the last detail, and a magnificent lunch was planned for today.

Doc - Jeremy Andrew Bulloch - My Birthday lunch menu.

The lunch went on until early evening, and then it was time to collapse around the roaring log fire, and have a lovely family get together - this was the first time that my three sons, partners and eight grandchildren had all been together.

The following day I whisked off by Christian, Jamie & Robbie for a surprise lunch in a restaurant overlooking the sea.

Friday had been set aside for olive tree planting. The idea was to plant eight trees for the children, and eight for the adults, each one with its owners nametag. It was hard work digging all the holes, and although the weather was pretty cold we soon warmed up with the exertion. With a lot of hard work the first eight holes were completed by lunchtime, except Jamie had come up with an unexpected problem where his tree was to be planted.

In the afternoon it was time to get planting.

One by one everyone planted their trees.

Unfortunately the youngest grandchild Connie slept through the whole afternoon.

Saturday arrived, and it was time to head home after a memorable celebration.

A week later we heard that a blizzard had hit them in Italy, and they were snowed in, but the children were loving it.

That's all for now folks, as the looney tunes would say - we are off to MarsCon this weekend in Minneapolis.

Thanks for all your emails - further new to come shortly.

 - Jeremy


New appearance dates:

March 4th - 6th 2005
MarsCon 2005
Airport Marriott Hotel
Minnesota, USA

March 12th - 13th
The Scandinavian Sci-Fi, Game & Film Convention
Svenska Massan

March 17th - 20th 2005
DeepCon 6
Hotel Ambasciatori
Via dei Villini
8 - Fuiggi Terme

April 2nd - 3rd 2005
Planet Comicon
Overland Park International Trade Center
6806 West 115th Street
Overland Park
Kansas 66211 USA

April 16th 2005
Galaxy of Stars
The Winter Gardens


Hi Everyone,

Well January has come and gone, and it was great to leave England to fly to a sunnier climate. At the end of January I appeared at FX 2005 in Orlando. The last time I went to this show was in 2002 and I was interested to see if it had changed having been taken over by a new promoter, Mike Herz. The event took place in Downtown Orlando in the same Expo Center that I had first visited FX in 1996.

The show was extremely well attended and there was a great variety of guests.

On Saturday evening Mike and his wife Stephanie invited all the guests and helpers to a wonderful restaurant for dinner. The evening was a great success, but we declined the offer of a trip to a nightclub with all the trendy youngsters, as we had an early start on the Sunday morning.

It was good to see the many friends I have made over the years including the Gordon family from Orlando who never fail to turn up when I am in the area. Another fan, Troy and his son Morgan presented me with a CD of relevant Boba Fett music.

In a weeks time the whole family are off to Italy to celebrate my birthday for four days (Help) Will have plenty of photos and news from our trip.

Speak to you all soon.

- Jeremy



In my last update at the end of November I was still filming the sci-fi pilot series StarHyke. I had a welcome break from filming when I attended the Memorabilia show in Birmingham, UK, and one of the first people to greet me couldn't wait to drop his trousers to proudly show me his brand new tattoo!

After the show it was back to work for the final week on StarHyke. In one episode I was required to age somewhat which was quite scary.

It was also an honour to meet up with one of the U.K.'s leading astronomers - Patrick Moore. He was appearing as a guest star in StarHyke as the 'Oracle'.

In the final week of filming I eventually got to work in the medical bay - it was a fantastic set with many phials, and suspicious looking medical gadgets.

I finished filming late on the evening of December 3rd, and early the following morning Maureen & I flew off to sunny Barcelona for the film festival which was held in nearby Sitges. Dave Prowse and I were the Star Wars guests, and Steve Sansweet was there to give his presentation and show the trailer for the Revenge of the Sith. Between all three of us we must have conducted at least twenty media interviews, the interest in Episode III was phenomenal.

The festival was very relaxed, and we had plenty of time to explore the wonderful town of Sitges.

Our hosts Jose and Fernando along with their wives invited us out to a typical local restaurant.

We arrived back on Wednesday and prepared to travel to Hull for the one day show 'Hullywood'. This is only the second show that Nick the promoter has put on, and it attracted a lot of people. He is a young man with an abundance of energy and determination, and I wish him all the luck for the future.

Next stop was a whirlwind visit to Kinsale in Ireland to see my eldest son, his wife and their four girls for a pre-Chrismas gathering.

On the final Saturday before Christmas there was just time to fit in a book signing at the VinMag shop in central London. I was surprised how far people had travelled to pick up my book 'Flying Solo' to give as a present.

A quick rush around for last minute gifts and then it was off to Italy for a week to spend a quiet Christmas in Tuscany. My son as usual excelled himself with his culinary expertise, and we were very spoilt, but paid it back in grandchildren duties.

January is going to be a quiet month with time to organise what looks like a very busy year.

The next update will be in February after my trip to Orlando for FX.

All the best
- Jeremy


New appearance date:

January 28th - 30th 2005
FX 2005
Expo Center Downtown
Orlando Florida

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